Algoness is a provider of specialised process modelling services and products aimed at the mining and metals sector. We innovatively apply modelling and data analysis techniques that relates technical material and operational parameters to each other, incorporating financial factors to identify and explore economic drivers. This allows us to evaluate process feasibility in terms profitability, focus process improvements, and determine the value-in-use of materials.

We have experience with various chemical and metallurgical processes, with a focus on modelling equipment and material properties of pyrometallurgical process flowsheets. Our services and products are applicable to all processes from the mine to final product, and over the projects lifecycle from concept study phase to process operation.


Techno-economic process modelling
Components of the materials processing flowsheet are modelled to determine mass and energy flows, linked to costs it enables estimations for operating costs as functions of material properties and operation conditions.
Material value-in-use analysis
Specific application of techno-economic models of processes in which a particular material is used, determining its value based on effects caused by its chemical, physical, and metallurgical properties relative to similar competitor products and pricing.
Process analysis and optimization
Modelling of metallurgical and chemical process aspects and application of advanced data analysis techniques to generate intelligence that could be applied towards process improvement.

Modelling Techniques

Flowsheet modelling
Mass and energy balances to model flows within and between flowsheet components.
Numerical heat and mass flow modelling
Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Finite Difference Modelling (FDM), etc. to model heat and mass flow through a domain.
Physico-chemical property modelling
Modelling of properties affecting the flow of heat and mass in numerical studies, e.g. viscosity, and thermal conductivity.
Physical and metallurgical material property modelling
Modelling of material properties affecting its behavior when processed, e.g. compressive strength and reducibility indices of a raw material input into a smelting process.
Advanced statistical and modelling techniques
For example, the application of artificial intelligence methods to model and analyse complex relationships.


Iron Ore Pelletising Model for Value-in-Use

A model of the iron ore pelletising process has been developed and applied to determine the value-in-use of an ore in making the pellets and in the use as input typically to a blast furnace. Aspects of this project showcases the services we can provide for chemical and metallurgical processes, provided either as projects to model individual aspects or as an integrated project as shown here.

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